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Neymar Jr Puro Fenomeno | The latest in the Nike Neymar Jr collection – A throwback to the 1990’s | Available at Kitbag Now

Based on the original Mercurial’s worn by Ronaldo at the 1998 World Cup, the 2018 Neymar boots is metallic silver, blue flourecent yellow. It has fish scales which under the light makes the boot look like it is shining, like the CR7 Chapter 5 boots and it comes with Speed ridges and waves which make it look like the original 1998 version. The print on the boot also goes back to the style of the 2010 Mercurial which is when Neymar Jr. first broke through at Santos and scored his first ever goal for Brazil. This is the same inside the boot with the same style print featuring as on the 2010 boots. Go into more detail on History of the boot here


The Tech

The new Neymar Fenomeno comes with all the tech you’d expect from the Mercurial to make this for the speed and agility player.

  • Teijin microfiber upper with ACC (All Conditions Control) tech and textured speed ribs
  • 3D Speed Plate
  • Embossed speed ribs provide ball awareness and control
  • Nike Grip system to keep foot from slipping inside the boot.
  • The speed ridges also help with control.
  • Chevron studs to aid speed
  • No Tongue for a sock like fit

Check out the boot more here 

What we sayin?

A boot that has gone back to it’s roots. We love the fact Nike have kept so many of the original features that the 1998 Mercurial had, but they’ve also given it a sick face lift. It has the same colour scheme and even has some of the same features as the first boot Neymar Jr. wore in 2010. If you’re looking for a boot with character and history, this one is for you, a proper modern classic.

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