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Drop Zone: Nike Fire and Ice Boot Pack

Nike are back with their biggest boot drop of the year. The Mercurial Superfly, Vapor, Hypervenom, Magista and Tiempo are all back in 2 new colourways, fire and ice.

The new boots will be worn by players depending on their kit colour. For example, if a teams main kit colour is red then all the Nike athletes on that team will wear red. If a teams main kit colour is blue, then all the Nike athletes on that team will wear blue.

Still confused? Here’s a list of teams for you and which players will wear which boots!

Fire: Arsenal, FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund, AS Monaco, AC Milan, AS Roma, Atlético Madrid, Liverpool.

Ice: Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Schalke 04, Tottenham Hotspur, Inter Milan, Juventus, SSC Napoli.



The new Hypervenom’s will come in a firey red and navy blue colour both featuring a dynamic collar. The fire version is all red with all black a Nike Swoosh and red detail on the heel and black around the sole plate. The ice version is navy blue with a white Nike Swoosh with ice blue trim, ice blue lace hole detail and light blue around the sole plate. Both look sick and are definitely the best looking Hypervenom’s to date. There’s not much to choose between these in terms of looks, if you prefer a cleaner look you’re going red to be worn by the likes of Lacazette, if you prefer more detail in a boot, you’re going blue, to be worn by the likes of Harry Kane.


A Magista for the purist. It looks very similar to the Tiempo but comes with all of the features that make this a favourite with the control player. The ice version will be worn by the likes of Christian Eriksen and the fire version by the likes of Andrés Iniesta. The ice version is more in your face with ice blue heel detail, ice blue detail on the sole plate and also ice blue edging around the Nike Swoosh. The fire version has red detail around the heel, red detail around the sole plate and also red edging around the white Nike Swoosh.

Mercurial Suerpfly

The fastest of all Nike’s boots, they’ll be worn by all the speedy wingers and tricksters such as Alexis Sanchez and Cristiano Ronaldo. Like the Hypervenom, the fire version has a cleaner look with all red upper and red dynamic fit collar, black Nike swoosh with red edging and black sole plate detail and black “Nike” wording on the in step. The ice version stands out a lot more. The upper is half ice blue with navy detail at the front with a navy heel and navy dynamic fit collar. It has a white Nike swoosh with ice blue edging, navy lace detail and navy stud and sole plate detail. Like the Magista if you prefer a cleaner look you’re going red to be worn by the likes of Alexis Sanchez, if you prefer more detail in a boot, you’re going blue, to be worn by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo.


A timeless classic, the Tiempo is back with yet another colour re-vamp and these could be the best re-work yet. Simple but effective, the ice version is icy blue throughout with a navy heel, where as the fire version is all red with a black heel. Still with all the usual Tiempo classic features including Ultrasoft leather, this is perhaps the best example of “chose your colours in the pack”. Are you going ice like Sergio Ramos or fire like Eric Bailly?

What we sayin’?

Nike have gone all out on this one and we think they’ve done a cracking job. Who doesn’t love a bit of rivalry? A bit of banter with your mates? These will certainly have people talking, are you a red or a blue? A Tiempo lover or mad about the Magista? So many decisions to make but it’s not for lack of choice. We think this will have fans talking for months to come and the hype around derby day could be at fever pitch. Kicking off next weekend with Arsenal v Spurs and then onto United v City and Liverpool v Everton next month!

Hopefully that helps, have a look at the Boot Room on Kitbag for all the new boots to drop!