Lock In, Let Loose


Stability. The nine letters that form the foundation of every move on the field. Without that balance and locked-in feel, a promising player can never be in full control of their ultimate weapons, the feet.

Freedom. Without it, play becomes rigid, stifled, sterile. A player robbed of their freedom is left a pawn on a chessboard. You might see them, they might even make some progress. But with limited options and minimal movement, things are only going to go one way. They’re there for the taking.

But what happens when a player connects the dots. What happens that pivotal moment when stability and freedom come together, forming a perfect fusion on-field? Well… that’s the time to Lock In and Let Loose – and this new pack from Nike shares the name, while capturing the combo in style.


Watch our play test below

Putting away those chances in the agility-assisting Hypervenom Phantom IIIs. Take the game to your opponents in the lightning-like Mercurial Superfly Vs. Control, conceive and create in the Magista Obra II or make some midfield magic with the Magista Opus II.

Whatever your role on the pitch, there’s a pick in this pack for you. The only thing that remains is to Lock In… and Let Loose.